Word on the street.

Rabbi Jay Kelman

Founder of Torah in Motion, Toronto

Aviva is an inspiring, informative and witty speaker – qualities that are important in any speechwriter, but essential for the person tasked with writing speeches for the Israeli Government. In her presentations, Aviva riveted audiences of all ages with her behind-the-scenes look at the trials and tribulations of Israel’s delegation to the United Nations.

Fuel For Truth had the pleasure of having Aviva Klompas as keynote speaker in one of our advocacy training "Boot Camp"  sessions. She fascinated the crowd with her sharp wit and keen insights into the complex relationship of Israel and the UN. Aviva is without a doubt one of the most engaging speakers we've had. She is full a life and has left a strong positive impact on our participants making them more determined to stand up for Israel. This last remark was made by one of our participants during the Q&A session: "I admire you and your work!", and definitely we all say that – Aviva, thank you!

Joe Richards

Chairman and Founder, Fuel for Truth, New York City 

Ron Goldofsky

President, Ohav Shalom, New York City

As President of a small synagogue in New York City, I am always looking for interesting and engaging speakers for our lecture series. Aviva spoke at a recent function and due to her expertise and engaging presentation the overwhelming consensus was that it was one of our best events of the year. In addition, Aviva is both personable and professional. I hope we have the opportunity to hear her talk about her unique experiences and perspectives again!​"

We were privileged to have Aviva Klompas speak to a gathering of members and guests of Kehillat Shaarei Torah Synagogue in Toronto.  The content she presented was relevant, insightful and captivating.  Aviva has the rare ability to educate and inspire audiences by combining a tremendous understanding of her subject matter with a refreshing dose of humor and anecdotes.​

Gary Krikler

President, Kehillat Shaarei Torah, Toronto

Eli Honig

Professor, University of Toronto

In one relatively short session, Aviva Klompas magically managed to be informative, analytical, articulate and delightfully entertaining. While clearly outlining Israel's dilemma and role in the UN, she balanced the hostility that it faces within its various quarters with the positive aspects that it has been able to accomplish, and hopes to further accomplish within that venue. Perhaps just as important as her eloquent defense of Israel against the relentless attacks within the UN, was her throwing some light on the many positive humanitarian and non-political good works that this body does across the world.

Aviva is a natural speaker who was born to be lecturing. She is confident, has a subtle type of humour and gives intelligent responses – it was a pleasure to listen to her! It was interesting to follow her well-documented, serious speech that she somehow managed to present in an entertaining, yet clearly knowledgeable manner. She captivated the entire audience!

Sarah Scutaru

Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto

Shira Schwartz

PhD Candidate, York University, Toronto

I know very little about the Middle East and what Aviva explained in under 60 minutes made more sense to me than most of what I have learned and read in the past decade. Aviva is that rare combination of intelligent, funny, poised and principled.

Joy Cohen

Guidance Counselor, Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto

Aviva was both articulate and extremely well informed and was a delight to listen to because of her wonderful sense of humour. My husband keeps up with everything related to Israel and was particularly impressed and uplifted by some of Aviva’s comments that indicate a more positive stance being taken by Israel and other countries as well at the United Nations.

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