Word on the street.

Judah Aspler

President, Congregation TBDJ, Montreal

We were privileged to host Aviva Klompas at our synagogue recently, where her fascinating insider’s look at Israel on the Global Stage was both disheartening and encouraging at the same time. The encouraging, and inspirational, aspect stems from the fact that articulate, capable, and dedicated people like Ms. Klompas are on our front lines. The feedback we received immediately following her educational and entertaining address, and for weeks afterwards, was extremely positive aside from one recurring question- why could she not speak for longer. We look forward to a return visit in the future.

Fuel For Truth had the pleasure of having Aviva Klompas as keynote speaker in one of our advocacy training "Boot Camp"  sessions. She fascinated the crowd with her sharp wit and keen insights into the complex relationship of Israel and the UN. Aviva is without a doubt one of the most engaging speakers we've had. She is full a life and has left a strong positive impact on our participants making them more determined to stand up for Israel. This last remark was made by one of our participants during the Q&A session: "I admire you and your work!", and definitely we all say that – Aviva, thank you!

Joe Richards

Chairman and Founder, Fuel for Truth, New York City 

Dr. Jonathan Golden

Gann Academy, Boston

"Aviva captivated students at Gann Academy with humor, insight, and inspiration. Her presentation uncovered the history and dynamics of the United Nations through her service as chief speechwriter for the Israel Mission to the UN. While not shying away from Israel’s challenges in that international body, Aviva concluded her remarks with a reasoned optimism that explained how Israel and our students could make a difference."

Aviva Klompas’ talk at MJE was nothing short of inspirational. She masterfully communicated her vast knowledge of the United Nations in general and Israel in particular. Her presentation was informative, interesting and even entertaining. Most importantly, she left the audience feeling a true sense of pride in Israel and the Jewish people."

Rabbi Mark Wildes

Founder/Director, Manhattan Jewish Experience

Marian Stoltz-Loike

Dean, Lander College (Touro), New York City 

"Aviva Klompas captivated both students and faculty at the Lander College for Women with her frank, insightful, and provocative depiction of the current state of affairs between the UN and Israel.  Aviva is a brilliant storyteller who combines her insider information with the broader narrative of facts.  Filled with clever asides and ironic twists, Aviva’s analysis offered us an illuminating alternative to the standard reporting of  personalities and events surrounding this complex and deeply-rooted issue".

Shaarei Shomayim had the privilege to host Aviva as our guest speaker on Shabbat morning.  She was sharp, witty, and insightful!  She brought an insider’s perspective on both the importance and the difficulty of Israel’s position on the United Nation’s stage.  We have a diverse membership and everyone walked away from her talk feeling that they had benefited from her message.  Aviva is well-spoken and insightful.  She was generous with her time after her presentation, taking question and engaging our community members. We would welcome further opportunities to hear from this engaging, entertaining, and eloquent speaker.

Chaim Strauchler

Rabbi, Shaarei Shomayim, Toronto

Rabbi Allen Schwartz

Congregation Ohab Zedek, New York City

Aviva Klompas has the intelligence, sharp wit and the firm grasp of current events necessary to emerge as a prime voice of advocacy for Israel at the United Nations. Her use of statistical details and sharp contrast of world events draws stark attention the hypocrisy of the UN’s obsession with condemning Israel. Her lucid descriptions and details are of the kind are that can be easily understood by the entire spectrum of audiences from synagogue groups, to college clubs as well as high school students. All these groups and more should want to hear her impassioned advocacy for Israel.​

Amiel Weinstock

President, Young Israel of Brookline, Boston

The Young Israel of Brookline was honored to host Aviva Klompas as our guest speaker on Shabbat morning.  She was engaging, energetic, intelligent and appropriately hilarious!  We have a diverse membership and everyone was able to take something away from her talk.  Aviva is extraordinarily well-spoken and has insights about the political process that were eye-opening.  She was also extraordinarily generous with her time after her talk.  She stuck around for questions and comments from our members and engaged each one with respect and patience.  We would love to have her come back for a full scholar-in-residence weekend!”

The Jewish Center was privileged to welcome Aviva Klompas to address us at a community dinner. Her talk was engaging, passionate and inspiring. She functions as a powerful representative of the Jewish people on the international stage but is also an inspiring role model for our young men and women. Her passion for the cause and grasp of the modern Jewish journey is only matched by her gift for putting those ideas into words.

Rabbi Dovid Zirkind

The Jewish Center, New York City

Aviva Klompas spoke at Lincoln Square Synagogue and made a tremendous impact. Her presentation is clear and compelling - she has a sure grasp of the facts and her analysis and humor along with her anecdotes make the material accessible and immediate. I would certainly recommend her to speak at any organization interested in hearing an account of the important work being done by the Israeli delegation to the U.N. in defending Israel's interests and reputation."

Rabbi Dr Ben Elton

Lincoln Square Synagogue, New York City