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Go behind the curtain of international politics and all the drama, intrigue, and conflict that simmer under the surface for Israel at the United Nations. Speaking for Israel is full to bursting with juicy insider stories told with humor and bite and a day-to-day look at what it’s like in the top diplomatic echelon.

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“Aviva is a brilliant storyteller who combines her insider information with the broader narrative of facts. Filled with clever asides and ironic twists, Aviva’s analysis offered us an illuminating alternative to the standard reporting of personalities and events surrounding this complex and deeply-rooted issue.”


Boston’s Sweet Messages for Southern Israel

Living in Eshkol is ninety-nine percent heaven and one percent hell. We endure the hell because of the heaven...

As Israel Welcomes
Giro d’Italia, BDS Pedals Tired Accusations

Israel will soon host the opening stages of the Giro d’Italia, the first time the prestigious race will take place outside of Europe...

U.N. Setting Back Women's Rights

The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women recently gathered for its annual session and with the passage of a single resolution...